Grenade Fatburner Vs Dexaprine XR

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If we can establish the most generic application of fatburners into one’s diet, it’s going to be that point of desperation during the weeks that precede a summer holiday. Now that this time has passed, this is purely aimed at anyone still considering either of the two fat burners specified in the near future. I have already covered the precarious instance of substantiating good whole foods with supplements in Over supplementing your diet  and Should I take ‘fat-burners?’ making this comparison one that feeds into the argument of significant diet changes –either temporary or permanent– VS overall output. 

First we need to consider the actual potency and further practical application of each product. This is due to the fact of paying for something that requires a somewhat dietary cleansing may be enough to provide results, over a concoction of questionable ingredients in the product itself. Most often that not, the diuretic properties of caffeine in high amounts may easily overshadow the less renowned and less concentrated fat burning compounds, to propel such a simple addition of common black coffee to the forefront of weight loss increments in toto. Such application is more common than those looking for more extreme and most likely more potent supplements to assist fat loss, although recent marketing of said products, factored in alongside somewhat ‘quick-fix’ plans has led to an increase in intrigue and ultimate demand. 

Now depending on ones general caffeine consumption, susceptibility to stimulants and the ability to take capsules on an empty stomach, both products –more so for someone with a physically exerting job– may not exactly culminate an ideal situation for the everyday. This is due to the fact that jittery and sweating sensations  can be expected on the first few occasions of taking them. More often than not, using fatburners in high amounts can burn out your endocrine system to the point of making significant effects redundant after prolonged usage. If the rating of each product below can illustrate this juxtaposition of strength and possible ‘side effects’ any further, I may add that a higher rating/ 👊👊👊👊👊 may not always be indicative of ‘better’;

                                         Grenade                      Dexaprine XR

Jitters                             👊👊👊                      👊👊👊👊👊

Flushes *face*            👊👊                           👊👊👊

Sweating                       👊👊👊                      👊👊👊👊

L-Lasting Energy       👊👊👊                      👊👊👊👊👊

Appetite suppression👊👊👊                     👊👊👊👊

From a contrast of effectiveness in relation to energy and appetite suppression along with somewhat quantifiable side effects, one may expect that Dexaprine XR would seem like the most effective product overall? Well numerous acquaintances that match myself on susceptibility to stimulants and somewhat rigorous application of them in an active lifestyle do also concur with my thoughts of it being simply too intense for the everyday. The overwhelming side effects whilst using Dexaprine XR may likely subside after prolonged use, although I would add that the attraction of implementing such a product into a lower carb diet for example, is one that would bear extremely fast yet consequently reversible results in similar time frames.

Moreover, using a product packing this much of a punch would only bear significant benefits in the short term, as resounding as they are; burning just as many calories walking rather than HIIT could definitely be too big of an opportunity not to try at least once. It all boils down to tolerance, one that may be the deciding factor in whether you can carry 1 bag as opposed to the usual 2, can push through jitters adding up cells on a spreadsheet or simply spend your lunch break with your head in a fridge.

In an attempt to avoid a tedious listing of both product ingredients and numerical values, here they are purely for further reference;



Dexaprine XR- *DMAA Free*


One aspect of fat burning supplements frequently overlooked despite its importance is their appetite suppressing element.Bitter orange peel or ‘Synephrine’ is the main component of both products, the precursor of the adrenaline-like rush leading to reduced appetite. To compare the 420mg of Synephrine in a serving of Grenade, Dexaprine XR’s proprietary blend of 805mg could mean that any of the listed ingredients may be featured in any amount, to the dismay or preference of someone only having to take one capsule for an equal or surpassing effect to Grenade. The ambiguity across such a list of components may defect potential users, a clear indicator to always check the contents of a product before buying and certainly before trying.

To conclude it seems that most of the attention has been acquired by IForce’s Dexaprine XR, although this is more for insight and warning as opposed to recommendation. Sure this product has considerable potential as a somewhat no holds barred stim’, but should be approached with caution. Grenade’s Thermo Detonator offers a much more sustainable and more applicable alternative to harsh side effects of most other fat burners on the market. These tend to bear infamous banned stimulants such as DMAA, Ephedrine and various nieces and nephews of the amphetamine family. Grenade incorporates a solid base of proven and effective ingredients without those which tend to peg up question marks on not only their application but safety. Grenade seems to do near enough everything that IForce’s product does without as many side effects and without the fear of such strong sensations refusing to subside in the near future.

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