What be of her death, but a peace. black bliss.

By her lungs. by her heart. goodbye.         a kiss. 

To return as a worm? eaten by a bat?

Roll a six for the devil, live seven as a cat.

Of Karma. nirvana. of a man draped in white

Seen, unseen. light. day. dark. night

Go hence for incense, spice up a spicy soul

Pick lilies from the garden, dig down for the coal.

And peace doth be with you, and also with you

September, remember her final adieu.

Sleep sound to the inferno, 

Where solitude lies,

Where an eclipse of your heaven

Casts blue on grey skies,

Wake up on the clouds.  son, daughter, will wait;

With Theresa love, shall reincarnate.

Warm tears will wash, a cold young face

 As we 

Hail Frances, pleine de Grâce!

Sail on waves of the spirits,

cherish fond moments but nor one more than most;

As the food in my belly 

or the butter on toast.

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