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During a particularly poignant time in which we find our political system and current affairs, Todd Philips’ ‘Joker’ delivers Arthur Flecks’ (Joaquin Phoenix) dramatic transformation into madness whilst brushing together the parallels of justice and anarchy.

Aside the Joker’s denouncement of the media masquerade, we bear witness to the social divide separating suffering and privilege; the gloomy hues of poverty, endless steps, paving the ground for grander paths and carpets of plenty. Arthur Fleck’s contest to justify his purpose as a clown by trade compliments the entitlement of a younger Bruce Wayne, one that lends into Batman’s own burdens and inception with violence

We quickly acknowledge the conflicting notion of how laughter gives Arthur purpose besides suffering, whilst confining him to the disillusionment of a brewing sourness which slowly bubbles over into reality. It’s a sourness with the system and disregard of matters surrounding mental illness which stand resolute throughout film, though we are neither led nor assume Arthur is categorically ‘crazy’, until he reneges the hand that makes him human and reveals his calling-card. It is ultimately a realisation which puts the entirety of both his own existence and the audiences morality into question, ushering the same measures of what is right and wrong, entertaining or palpable. 

Arthur’s optimism is shattered by the reality of being upstaged by Murray Franklin  (Robert De Niro) amidst his own dismay for existence or lack thereof. It is only until Arthur takes both the role and pragmatics of character that his malcontent for the system transpires, amassing a crowd of clowns to play out the blissful pandemonium of mob rule.


Subverting a now familiarly human face under that of the quintessential masked villain provides enough reason with situation. We proceed to diffuse responsibility for murder, allude to alternative means for stable establishment and reevaluate Arthur Fleck’s role of passenger to chaos rather than a perpetrator. Audience, centre stage, living in fear, inciting it. We undertake the Joker’s decaying sense of purpose since he has no job, family or any real friends besides a dwarf who he spares from killing. It begs the question of how existence is entirely based on what you earn and certainly not the character you behold. A social criteria ascertaining order to make sense of death, when you make no ‘cents’ worth living for. 

Onto my favourite point which concludes on the ground of ‘That’s Life’ is this whole dichotomy of humour and morality, though subjective. Something amusing to one differs with what others consider or know to be morally conflicted, which begs the greater question of ultimately who decides what is funny and what not. Arthur Fleck sits and reads from his diary/joke-book, often sagaciously, prescribing his own means for purpose and entertainment besides that of which is eagerly handed out to him already. The ways of suppressing or diluting his dismay and tainted disposition towards society is one no longer contained by the now lack of drugs enlisting council for. He plays devils advocate to his own inception into madness though not initially mad, as humanity fails to diagnose the undiagnosable, equilibrium hangs in the balance along with the earlier allusion of unstoppable forces and immovable objects; one cannot exist without the other, Batman, Joker, happiness, suffering, reality, insanity.



Grenade Fatburner Vs Dexaprine XR

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If we can establish the most generic application of fatburners into one’s diet, it’s going to be that point of desperation during the weeks that precede a summer holiday. Now that this time has passed, this is purely aimed at anyone still considering either of the two fat burners specified in the near future. I have already covered the precarious instance of substantiating good whole foods with supplements in Over supplementing your diet  and Should I take ‘fat-burners?’ making this comparison one that feeds into the argument of significant diet changes –either temporary or permanent– VS overall output. 

First we need to consider the actual potency and further practical application of each product. This is due to the fact of paying for something that requires a somewhat dietary cleansing may be enough to provide results, over a concoction of questionable ingredients in the product itself. Most often that not, the diuretic properties of caffeine in high amounts may easily overshadow the less renowned and less concentrated fat burning compounds, to propel such a simple addition of common black coffee to the forefront of weight loss increments in toto. Such application is more common than those looking for more extreme and most likely more potent supplements to assist fat loss, although recent marketing of said products, factored in alongside somewhat ‘quick-fix’ plans has led to an increase in intrigue and ultimate demand. 

Now depending on ones general caffeine consumption, susceptibility to stimulants and the ability to take capsules on an empty stomach, both products –more so for someone with a physically exerting job– may not exactly culminate an ideal situation for the everyday. This is due to the fact that jittery and sweating sensations  can be expected on the first few occasions of taking them. More often than not, using fatburners in high amounts can burn out your endocrine system to the point of making significant effects redundant after prolonged usage. If the rating of each product below can illustrate this juxtaposition of strength and possible ‘side effects’ any further, I may add that a higher rating/ 👊👊👊👊👊 may not always be indicative of ‘better’;

                                         Grenade                      Dexaprine XR

Jitters                             👊👊👊                      👊👊👊👊👊

Flushes *face*            👊👊                           👊👊👊

Sweating                       👊👊👊                      👊👊👊👊

L-Lasting Energy       👊👊👊                      👊👊👊👊👊

Appetite suppression👊👊👊                     👊👊👊👊

From a contrast of effectiveness in relation to energy and appetite suppression along with somewhat quantifiable side effects, one may expect that Dexaprine XR would seem like the most effective product overall? Well numerous acquaintances that match myself on susceptibility to stimulants and somewhat rigorous application of them in an active lifestyle do also concur with my thoughts of it being simply too intense for the everyday. The overwhelming side effects whilst using Dexaprine XR may likely subside after prolonged use, although I would add that the attraction of implementing such a product into a lower carb diet for example, is one that would bear extremely fast yet consequently reversible results in similar time frames.

Moreover, using a product packing this much of a punch would only bear significant benefits in the short term, as resounding as they are; burning just as many calories walking rather than HIIT could definitely be too big of an opportunity not to try at least once. It all boils down to tolerance, one that may be the deciding factor in whether you can carry 1 bag as opposed to the usual 2, can push through jitters adding up cells on a spreadsheet or simply spend your lunch break with your head in a fridge.

In an attempt to avoid a tedious listing of both product ingredients and numerical values, here they are purely for further reference;



Dexaprine XR- *DMAA Free*


One aspect of fat burning supplements frequently overlooked despite its importance is their appetite suppressing element.Bitter orange peel or ‘Synephrine’ is the main component of both products, the precursor of the adrenaline-like rush leading to reduced appetite. To compare the 420mg of Synephrine in a serving of Grenade, Dexaprine XR’s proprietary blend of 805mg could mean that any of the listed ingredients may be featured in any amount, to the dismay or preference of someone only having to take one capsule for an equal or surpassing effect to Grenade. The ambiguity across such a list of components may defect potential users, a clear indicator to always check the contents of a product before buying and certainly before trying.

To conclude it seems that most of the attention has been acquired by IForce’s Dexaprine XR, although this is more for insight and warning as opposed to recommendation. Sure this product has considerable potential as a somewhat no holds barred stim’, but should be approached with caution. Grenade’s Thermo Detonator offers a much more sustainable and more applicable alternative to harsh side effects of most other fat burners on the market. These tend to bear infamous banned stimulants such as DMAA, Ephedrine and various nieces and nephews of the amphetamine family. Grenade incorporates a solid base of proven and effective ingredients without those which tend to peg up question marks on not only their application but safety. Grenade seems to do near enough everything that IForce’s product does without as many side effects and without the fear of such strong sensations refusing to subside in the near future.

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While Ryan Reynolds returns as the special forces mutant, Deadpool, it’s safe to say that the newly improved Wade Wilson has come a long way since the sewn-mouthed, shiny-headed weapon of X-Men Origins. Looking at the influx of DC Comics characters set to be unleashed with Suicide Squad, it seems Marvel’s timely spectacle of the red-suited rebel will mark a new era of rough-cut immortal bad-asses that would key Batman’s car and force feed Alfred viagra.

Due to the fact that Deadpool features more dick references than all of the Van Wilder’s combined, it’s definitely a poster that you don’t wanna see hanging on your sons wall. Nonetheless, the head-popping action, bawdy quips and pistol whips are definitely gonna go down a treat with comic book lovers and cinema goers alike. As we learn more about how everyone’s soon-to-be-favourite antihero develops the ability to regenerate health, we are thrown head first into a John Wick meets Kill Bill, semi-dystopian world -but really one bar- where seemingly just violence is paid in and death payed out.

Within a few months of getting more than comfortable with escort Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) , mercenary Wade Wilson is diagnosed with cancer and despite her not being anywhere near as annoying as the ginger guys wife in Homeland, he leaves his rather smokin’ fiancè at the thought of destroying the once spirited, passionate memories she has of him. In desperation, despite refusing a previous offer, Wade seeks an alternative experimental treatment for his cancer, promising him superhuman abilities that will ultimately be used for good. Francis Freeman (Ed Skrein) plots to exploit the use of such powers to our unsuspecting ‘hero’ by subjecting him to rigorous torture on behalf of Angel Dust (Gina Carano) Though he brushes off each effort to test his physiological threshold in true later-Deadpool fashion. In a more dramatic attempt to silence his spirits, Wade is trapped in an airtight chamber where the oxygen levels are manipulated to aggravate the effects of his cancer and spike a mutation that will ultimately save his life, but leave him seriously disfigured.

Now given a second chance, Deadpool seeks to fix his hideous appearance and fractured relationship, taking revenge upon the people who did this to him. Deadpool features a handful of remarks to the X-Men franchise, and while he shares similar characteristics to Wolvervine, it seems they are wholly satirical and good natured. We see the inclusion of Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Briana Hildebrand), two mutants that attempt to epitomise the importance of morality and justice to our less than principled master of masturbation, Deadpool. The involvement of such characters will undoubtedly establish a franchise that can link various Marvel characters together that may not be as well renowned or have have such an individual impact on audiences as the household name hero. All in all, I’d definitely recommend Deadpool, despite an initial sourness toward the action/comedy genre. It plays tastefully on the monotonies of typical clean-cut superheroes, embodies the crude attitudes of adolescent males and satisfies the uncouth nature of the antihero whilst still saving the day.