A Friend in Phil Orr



In the air tonight, we waited and wondered,

I missed again, but don’t lose my number, that’s all.

Everday we lead separate lives, two hearts, one heart, something happened.


Its a land of confusion, but another day in paradise.

Sussudio, I’m entangled. hold on my heart, take me home

Dance into the light! my heart knows, I can’t dance.


Jesus knows me, against all odds,

He knows my true colours.


-Its in your eyes, you’re no son of mine!

But I need help,

-You can’t hurry love,

If you follow me, I will follow you,

-Okay, I’m going back now


Sussudio! I can’t stop loving you, your invisible touch,

I’d say it’s a groovy kind of love.


This isn’t dramatic enough, I wish it would rain down.

turn it on again, for Orsino, one more night.


-On my way Philip.

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