A Friend in Phil Orr



In the air tonight, we waited and wondered,

I missed again, but don’t lose my number, that’s all.

Everday we lead separate lives, two hearts, one heart, something happened.


Its a land of confusion, but another day in paradise.

Sussudio, I’m entangled. hold on my heart, take me home

Dance into the light! my heart knows, I can’t dance.


Jesus knows me, against all odds,

He knows my true colours.


-Its in your eyes, you’re no son of mine!

But I need help,

-You can’t hurry love,

If you follow me, I will follow you,

-Okay, I’m going back now


Sussudio! I can’t stop loving you, your invisible touch,

I’d say it’s a groovy kind of love.


This isn’t dramatic enough, I wish it would rain down.

turn it on again, for Orsino, one more night.


-On my way Philip.

Toe, Knee, Shoulder, Head.


Toe, knee, shoulder, head.

Up a ravaged gutter of copper and lead


East echoing wind of string and brass

a shrieking tune on the broken glass


Cold hammer cracks a crumbly gall

Disturbing the bird nest disco ball


No place to dine a lonely dove

But one to dervish, liquid love


Loose sticky shuffle, dried ocean regrets,

A working boot licks a lifetime of steps


For youth of greed, the plague of age.

A looming debt to the heavens wage.


Sow final seeds in the flower bed.

First toe, knee, shoulder, then head.

The Doldrums 


Take us to the doldrums, to soothe strangled soul
Grant deaths rescue, unshackle minds not hands to pray;

for cold black hearts, the bell will toll.
Wicked leashing labour, a brimming sugar bowl;

By the sticky leather hiss, on peut regarder

Take us to the doldrums, to soothe strangled soul.
Cruel iron clinks and kind iron chimes up a barking pole,

No word to whisper nor song to play;

For cold black hearts, the bell will toll.
Leap into the white whirling hole;
A bliss beyond a bastards bay
Take us to the doldrums, too soothe strangled soul.

Cease our blistered bodies of natures callous;
But assemble theirs for judgement day;
For cold black hearts the bell will toll

Paint limbs with drips across the scroll

of sticks black, white and grey.
Take us to the Doldrums to soothe strangled soul;
For cold black hearts the bell will toll.


Desire Time


A fictional narrative illustrating the perils of ‘beer-goggles’

Must also include all ten of these words associated with ‘LOVE’











Desire time 

Desire time flushed cheeks and wine

a whisky or a gin, a thirst it grew, 

but not for you, that 

face gave me a grin.

desire time flushed cheeks more wine,

a whisky not a gin, on heels rock,

that ragged frock, this is where i will begin…

arms legs arse hips, porks pies and chips,

worn hands, worn face, new bag. 

Stumped teeth of beige, 

for only wine can age

I’d crossed the line a tad.

apology time, standing in line,

cheeks scorched of scarlet sin, 

‘what would one want?’ rather non chalant 

she pointed to her gin.

five whiskeys down, nor sigh or frown,

it’s going rather well, I thought it lame to

ask her name, we’ll just call her Michelle.

I hate to say, though mal portrait

I’m glad that we had met, 

youth body had flown

her heart a stone though still not one regret.

Frantic no more, a date? a pour of whisky,

no more gin, a stumbling toad went down 

the road with a princess or akin. 

Desire time strange taste in wine, 

no chance I’ll sink another, 

a sober thought and now retort , 

she looked like someone’s brother.

Though on the floor, insisting more 

a smell of burning sugar,

 an emerald flash lit her moustache, 

I sip the rancid blubber. 

The mystic horse, with no remorse

tore off my clothes like paper, 

for all the dread, my poisoned head

whirling dervish. rancid. vapour.

Desire time,  sobering paradigm 

for any riggish lover, a boisterous 

haste had tickled my taste for 

Michael. Michelle’s big brother.